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The Green Drink! Drink your energy drink! When your mother told you to "eat your veggies," she had it right-in fact, the nutrients found in dark, leafy greens and colorful produce are absolutely vital to our health and longevity. The problem? Eating the recommended 8-10 servings daily of fruits and vegetables is not very practical (or desirable) for most of us.

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100% Natural Ingredients

  • Organically grown produce
  • Higher in vitamins and minerals
  • Completely unrefined, all-natural
  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • Improves mental focus and clarity


  • "As a professional wrestler, my body goes through a lot of stress. I've tried a lot of products to help me keep performing at the top of my game. I can honestly say that nothing compares to the effects Light Force has on me." Heath Slater

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  • "Lightforce plays a big part in my supplement needs and fuels my body when I'm getting ready for my fights and also in general." Jimi Manuwa

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  • "Part of being a professional athlete is training beyond boundaries, recovering quickly and pushing the body to the limit session after session. This is why I use and love Lightforce Greens." Lauren Winfield, Englands Women's Cricket Team

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